Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#7: I Promise…Comfort

You’ll never mourn alone again.

Not once I find you, not once you’re mine. Your grief will become my grief. We’ll carry it together.

I may not be able to hold back the tides of sadness in this life, but this I promise: I will stand in front of you to shield you, beside you to strengthen you, and behind you to bear you up.

Your heart may be in pieces right now. Maybe it will have to be broken before we meet. Maybe we will both have to wait, while you give those pieces to the One who heals. Maybe He will do me the honor of giving them to me and allowing me to put them back together…if you’ll let me. He has given me broad shoulders and strong arms for just such a purpose.

I want to take away your pain and banish your fear – make you brave, even as you make me brave. I want to carry your heartbreak. I want to warm you when your soul feels cold.

There will be days you’ll come home, and I’ll see it in your eyes. You’ll call and I’ll hear it in your voice. The rest of my world will melt away until I know you are safe and free again.

Oh I know. You’ve been through so much. It’s not just your joys and loves I want to hear of, but your pains, your trials, your hurts. The deep hurts, the ones you show no one else, hidden out of the light, wrapped up in a corner of your heart.

I want to come to your side, sit quietly with you and let you empty your heart. I’ll listen. I’ll always listen. I want you to earn your trust, make you feel secure and protected, so that you will find an ease of your cares by sharing them.

There is comfort in this love. It’s here, waiting for you. It’s yours, always, forever.

I promise.

December 7, 2011 - Posted by | Promises


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