Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#9: I Promise…To Be A Father

For years I’ve heard it wished for, from the mouths of many women young and old, and seen the wish hidden in the eyes of still more.


It astounds me to find that woman craves the fulfillment that comes from childbirth, or that she can love a man so deeply that she desires to give him children. Oh heart of woman, so gentle to nurture the tiniest of new lives, and so stern to endure the agonies of childbirth! To think that you would count it a pleasure worthy of such pains just to give me a son or daughter!

Listen to me when I tell you, I hear your hopes and see the longing of your heart to be a mother.

I promise you: I will be the father of your children…of our children.

Will I see it in your glowing face before either of us know for sure? Will I be able to read your shining eyes even before you sit me down and share your womanly secret…that we are going to be parents?

I will be there for you as your body transitions to grow a new life inside of yours. I will try, and do what I must to muster patience when your pregnancy makes you upset or unhappy. Lean on me for the strength and support.

You will think yourself huge and unattractive to me as your body swells to nurture our child. Wonderfully foolish woman, you will never have looked more beautiful to me.

I know there will be months of aches, pains and turmoil. I wish I could promise you I’ll always know how to make it all better for you. I know there will be difficult days and sleepless nights. I will help you as best I can; wake me up if you can’t sleep, even if only to hold your hand, cradle your head, stroke your hair and whisper you to sleep with visions of our child’s future.

I can see you now, excited to be planning our child’s nursery. The crib here, the curtains there. You’ll be asking me what I think, and I won’t hear a word you’re saying. I’ll be lost in the light of your eyes.

I will do everything I can to hide the looks of worry on my face as the pains of childbirth etch themselves into yours. I will hold your hand, wipe your brow and do anything else I can to ease your pain. I’m sure I’ll be rather desperate for your sake.

I’ll be there to cradle our child. I’ll get up in the night to hum a soft lullaby and (I hope!) ease this precious life back to sleep. I will change diapers — I have changed more than my share already, you know!  (Is it possible I will even teach you how?)

We’ll sit together at night, watching our child sleep. Our child…a part of each of us, made into flesh. Surely this is a corner of the joy of God Himself?

I will teach our sons and daughters right from wrong, I will bring them up in the kingdom of God, and lead them as best I know how. I will stand beside you as each of us pilots this mystery of parenthood.

I will do everything I can to be the father you want me to be.

I promise.

December 18, 2011 - Posted by | Promises

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