Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

“We”: A Conjunction of Two Stars

You know how sometimes you find random hairs on your coat, and pick them off? I found one on mine today, a very long and feminine hair. It made me both happy and sad.

Sad, because it had no meaning for me. It could have been anybody’s, carried on the wind or left in a chair. I picked it off and let it flutter out of sight.

Happy, because even this tiny, inconsequential little follicle reminded me of you. It reminded me of all the ways in which our two lives, now wholly separate and distinct, will begin to merge.

It’s going to begin when you and I become a “we.” It will start out simple and slow. We will start calling each other at the end of the day, just to check in. We’ll begin asking each other about the important things of life — and the unimportant.

Then we’ll start becoming an “item”. We‘re going to the movie. We‘ll be back by 11. We‘re going shopping today. We‘ve been seeing each other for months now.

Then we‘ll move up. We’ll hold hands. We‘ll plan the future…our future.

Then comes the magical day when in the eyes of God, our families, the law and each other, we will become one in each other and in Christ.

After that, our lives will rub off on each other in a plethora of small ways, and we’ll be sharing all the things spouses share. You’ll take a bite of my dinner just to see if it’s good — and for once, I won’t care if you use the same fork I do. In a pinch, you might wear my shirts around the house or borrow my razor. We’ll become a part of each other. Our thoughts and words will grow closer to each other. The million different unique experiences and perspectives will fuse to form one, still in two separate parts, but grafting together.

Why, I’m sure one day when I’m off somewhere else, I’ll find a hair off my coat and examine it closely to see if it’s yours. I’ll smell it, because it will smell like you, and of course I’ll recognize your fragrance. And if it’s yours, I’ll tuck it away in my breast pocket because it’s a part of you…and you’re part of me.

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