Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#12: To Cherish Your Dreams

What are your dreams, Darling?

No, I mean really. We all have some dreams in common, like being loved, and having someone to support us and stand beside us, and having a family and being a success in life and having friends.

I’m not talking about those dreams.

I mean those silly, foolish little dreams you might have harbored since you were a little girl. That’s what I want to know.

I look forward to that moment when I ask that question, and you smile but look down because you’re pleased I asked and eager to share, but embarrassed to tell me. You’ll know exactly what I mean, and I’ll know as soon as I ask because you won’t be able to hide that smile.

Maybe you’ve tucked away a manuscript of a book you’d like to write. Perhaps you would like to try your hand at an instrument, or singing, or writing a song. Is there some far-away place you’ve always wanted to visit? Some exotic experience or adventure? Something foolish and frivolous, or fancy and opulent? Did you always want to whisk away for a whirlwind weekend of shopping and dining in New York? A Broadway play? (Maybe you’d like to be in a Broadway play!) Have you secretly planned a private island vacation, or a snowy mountain retreat? Do you want to hike Mt. Everest or snorkel an underground cave, or spend a night in an ice hotel?

Maybe it will be something simple and practical, and I’ll just smile and kiss your forehead because your demands are so small.

Maybe I’ll come along and meet them without knowing it, through foot rubs and flowers and hugs.

But come now, every girl has a dream. I can’t wait until, like a little child, you allow me in, draw the curtains and unearth your treasured, secret dreams, quietly laughing even as you admonish me not to.

You’re used to chasing your dreams all alone, aren’t you.

Oh sure, maybe for some of them your family cheers you on or colleagues help, or maybe it’s just a close friend who knows.

But usually it’s just you, isn’t it? Sitting by yourself, pensively contemplating your dreams and wondering if you’ll ever make anything of them, doubting yourself, doubting your dreams, rearranging them, and consoling yourself that at least it’s nice to have them to think about.

But here’s the thing. Your dreams will become my dreams. I’ll make them mine! You’re going to find out for the first time what it’s like to have someone who actually believes them as much as you do. And not just believe in them but fight for them, defend them, champion them, cheer them.

And this may not be some fairy-tale Disney “dreams come true by magic” story either. Dreams take work! Fatigue may be setting in, the weight of the world may be trying to crush them. That’s where I come in! I’ll lift that burden onto my shoulders and carry it. I’ll do everything I can to tame the world, keep the faith, to run down your dreams and make them possible.

I’m going to work for your dreams, my dearest bride, work for them and cherish them. Maybe God doesn’t have in store for them all to be fulfilled. Maybe it won’t be until we’re older. But as long as there is breath to breathe and life to live, there will be dreams. And as long as I’m able, I’ll chase those dreams with you and for you.

I promise.

January 26, 2012 - Posted by | Promises

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