Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#13: I’ll Never Leave

“I’ll keep your secrets; I’ll hold your ground
And when the darkness starts to fall I’ll be around;
There waiting when dreams are fading
And friends are distant and few
Know at that moment I’ll be there with you.

I’ll be around when there’s no reason left to carry on
And every dream you’ve ever had is gone
And the dark is deep and black without a sound
And every star has been dragged to the ground
Know at that moment I will be around.”

I once heard a Christian marriage counselor tell men that reminding their wives they will never leave means a great deal to them. I remember thinking even at the time: “Really?”

How could you ever think I would leave? Once we’re married? Once you’re wearing my wedding ring, and once we’ve vowed our eternal pledge of service and devotion?

Where would I even have to go?

I don’t make many promises. When I make them, I keep them. Though I don’t yet know you, I’ll make this one to you now: I’ll never leave you.

Not though disease, trials, afflictions or hardships come upon us will I leave you.

Should feelings even somehow conspire to cheat the heart, that will not matter. My vow to you is solemn, and oh my dear, it’s one that I uphold even now before it is spoken. My deeds confirm my words.

When I promise to love you until death parts us, I mean that even if the day comes when we somehow don’t like each other very much (and if the centuries of lovers gone before hold any truth, that moment will come), the cold dark fingers of death will have to seize me by the throat and forcefully remove my soul from this earth before I am willingly parted from you.

If comes the day comes when your life is in danger, I will lay mine down willingly in your stead if I am able. But I confess, this is a selfish decision. I think I would rather choose death to save your life than choose a life without you in it.

I hope to earn your trust in me so richly and completely that if I wrapped my arms around you and reminded you I’ll never leave, it would startle you as greatly as if I promised you never to poison you. I would rather spend the time telling you the things I will do, not those I won’t do.

So I want you to know, one day I’ll stand before you, our family, our friends and God and make you a promise: “Til Death Do Us Part.” I mean it with all of my heart. As long as there is life in me, I will stay.

I promise.

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