Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#14: I Will Pray For You

Here’s one promise you won’t have trouble believing. You see, I’ve already been praying for you.

Since I was eleven.

No seriously, that’s how young I started. One day my mother suggested that I should be praying for the girl I’m going to marry. So I did. And ever since then I have been praying for you, my future bride.

Of course, during my younger years, it didn’t happen as often. But for the last five years at least, I’ve prayed for you at least once a day. On those rare occasions when there’s been another girl on the horizon, I’ve prayed for her, and then prayed for you.

Sometimes, I only say “and Lord, be with my future bride today.”

Other times, I sit and pray for you extensively. It’s not easy since I don’t know you, but I try to think of all your needs. I pray for God to bless you through whatever trials you’re facing. For Him to give you a special and even mysterious feeling of peace and happiness right at that moment. For Him to make His love and grace known to you, to reach out and touch you in your sorrow, to hold your hand, pull you close, take your grief away. To provide you with friends. For you not to feel the same aches of loneliness that I do.

In short, I ask Him to do the all things for you that I can’t.

But somehow, I don’t think He will. I think He made us for the expressed purpose of making each other happy and satisfied in a way that not even God Himself intends to fulfill.

Some day, while I am praying, an idea of who you are will creep in. Slowly at first, and I’ll continue to pray for you as my future bride. But somewhere along the way I’m going to meet a girl (you) who will gradually blend with that unknown bridal silhouette in my mind, so that one day I will pray for my future bride, knowing who it is.

One day you’ll start praying for me too, if you haven’t already.

And one day we’ll pray together…not the showy, self-conscious prayers of people who pray in public and must be mindful of time and tone, but the intimate, private prayers of two souls laid bare before the Lord and each other.

One day you’ll be in your gown, I’ll be in my tuxedo, and we’ll kneel before the Lord to ask His blessing and binding of our covenant love.

One day we’ll lead our children to pray. We’ll have to pray through everything in life. What would it be like if we could sit together now and listen to all the prayers we’ll pray in the next 50 years?

And here I’ve “only” been praying for you for five years. Still. One prayer for you every day for five years. Counting the times where I’ve said more than one prayer, plus the times that go back to my youth, you can be certain that by now I have whispered your unknown name before the Throne at least four thousand times.

Do you doubt my promise now? Do you doubt my love? How could such a love ever go wrong?

Before I sleep tonight, I’ll mention you to God again. He’ll probably smile patiently and listen, even as He bids me to be patient. And He’ll probably cast His eyes over to another corner of the globe, to wherever you are and whatever you’re doing right now. (Is it wrong to envy God in this one instance?)

I suppose it’s too much to hope you’re praying for me too, but you can be sure that by the time we meet and fall in love, our romance will be bathed in prayer.

I promise.

February 9, 2012 - Posted by | Promises

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