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Letters to My Future Bride

TOGWD: Foot Washing

They say the wedding is for the bride, the honeymoon is for the groom.


I’m a sucker for wedding traditions, and I kinda hope that’s something you’re down for. The tossing of the bouquet, the bridal march, the rice, the flower petals and bridesmaids, the rings and vows, everything.

Except one.

I never liked that whole garter thing. To me, it’s suggestive, disrespectful and kind of lewd.

But there’s a lesser-known tradition in weddings which would still put you in a chair with me kneeling in front of you.

In tribute to the Savior, and in token of a married life striving for a servant’s heart, I want to wash your feet.

What better note to start out on as man and wife than by a reminder that life is richest when characterized by putting others first?

I would be honored if you would share that tradition with me.

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