Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

Romance in the Rain

“I didn’t even run inside
Or worry about staying dry
Besides theres nowhere I can hide
From these feelings now.
Running down my face
Takes me to another place
I can’t think of a better way to drown

“If I had my way
It would do this every day
I would never see the sun
Because the closest I get
To holding you is
Every time that sky opens up…”

– Brad Paisley 

What do you suppose it is about rain that makes it feature so prominently in love stories?

Watch enough romance movies or love songs, and you can’t escape it.

Maybe because it serves as a portrait of reckless abandon. You’re supposed to get out of the rain, so when you stand in the middle of a rain shower, or when you kiss in the middle of a downpour, it shows there’s something more you care about: “So what if it rains? Let it rain! You’re here!”

Ah, but there I am, trying to quantify and analyze the thing. I think I told you I overthink stuff all the time, yes?

Well truth to tell, I’ve always liked rain. And snow, and storms, and pretty much any weather that isn’t a heatwave, but especially the rain.

I like to sit on a front porch and just watch. I like to see the birds scuttle away to hide, and watch the wind blow it around in curtains, and see the gutters overflow. I love how it can go from silence to torrent and back again in minutes. I love breathing that breezy scent and airy freshness it brings, seeing the droplets on spider webs, budding greenery and flowers, or watching the sun come out when it’s over. I like walking in it when I’m out somewhere and a shower comes up. And yeah, sometimes I’ll walk out into the rain just because.

I once dared my sister to a race through the deluge to a big cedar tree and back. (I won.) Just another one of those goofy spur-of-the-moment kind of things I look forward to sharing with you when the time comes.

I even like embracing the power of a storm. It reminds me of how powerful God is, and yet how safe we are that we can stand and watch, knowing we are being looked after by the God who holds these storms in His hands. A single bolt of lightning has so much energy in it, and we can’t even figure out how to use it! The winds make a mockery of all our human constructs, and the thunder strikes fear into man and beast alike. It’s as if God lets nature off its chain for a while to shake its head and run around for a bit; not wild, but not tame either.

I doubt storms scare you, but don’t worry if they do, they don’t scare me at all. Matter of fact, that’d be another reason to like storms, if they make you jump into my arms. Or maybe that will just be your excuse?

One day we’ll get to share in this little pleasure of rain. Sitting on the porch with cookies and milk or coffee and tea, relaxing and watching the earth be refreshed. Or inside, curled up together and hearing the rain suddenly start pattering on the roof. Or getting caught in a sudden cold downpour, when we don’t want to get wet, and running to find shelter, arriving breathless from the exertion and the chill. Or curled up in a blanket in front of a fire when the power goes out. Or one of those nice warm spring showers when no one’s looking and we can go for a walk, not caring if we get soaked to the bone. And absolutely, I’ll be there for that first rain, and that first kiss in it. And the next one, and the next one and the next.

These may only be excerpts from our story. Too much rain also brings floods, mud and car accidents; it won’t always be a good thing. But that’s the point about life. It’s made up of the good and bad moments, and I choose to anticipate the good memories with you.

Oh and hey. You want to dance in the rain too?


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