Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

How You Inspire

“You inspire me; when my eyes begin to glaze
You inspire me in so many ways
When I’m on the ground
You seem to know how to pull the blessings down
And spread them all around
You inspire me…”

Engelbert Humperdinck 

Even now, you’re inspiring me. Did you know that? You are.

You’re inspiring me to write these letters to you. At present, I’ve written almost seventy, and I have another forty-two drafts.

I keep getting hit with thoughts and ideas to share with you. I keep a pen and paper handy so I can write them down and remember them.

Somehow when I daydream about you, I become a better man. The thoughts and feelings which surround you in my head inspire me to be better, and to want better, and to do better.

Woman has been inspiring Man for thousands of years, you know. You make us better. You make us want to reach for more when we would be content with less.

I’ve heard people often say they want to get married because they love the person they become when they’re with their spouse-to-be. I’ve felt a corner of that inspiration before in real life. I once wrote a poem. And it was easy. It just came to me, my thoughts written in verse and rhyme.

That’s not typical. Not for me.

That’s what makes me look forward to when you and I actually come together. It may be selfish, but I know I’ll feel that renewed drive to shoot for the sky and push myself to be better and do better, for you. I know you’re going to make me a better man.

Until then, I’ll just keep writing, thinking…and dreaming.

March 18, 2012 - Posted by | Wonderfully You

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