Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

The Bucket List

“I want to cry like the rain, cry like the rain
Shine like the sun on a beautiful morning
Sing to the heavens like a church bell ringing
Fight with the devil and go down swinging
Fly like a bird, roll like a stone
Love like I ain’t afraid to be alone
Take everything that this world has to give;
I want to live.”
Josh Gracin

You know, God didn’t put us on this earth just to be full-time missionaries.

The trees and sky and flowers and mountains and rain weren’t put here to please the unbelievers while we try to evangelize them. For whatever stock you put in the Westminster Confession and all that, the chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. He made life for us to enjoy, and there is no guilt in doing that.

There is so much life to be lived!

There are all kinds of exciting things I want to do before dying, things I’d like to share with you.

I want to go hunting, caving, fishing, hiking, snorkeling, mountain-climbing, kayaking, hang-gliding, sailing, and go horseback riding down the beach.

I want to get a pilot’s license. I want to go on cruises. I want to go backpacking in hill country, wilderness where no one is around for miles and we can cuddle by our own fire.

I want to hop in the car and take road trips when we can, and singing songs together with the windows down. (You are a windows-down type of girl, aren’t you? Stick with me long enough and you will be.)

Missions trips are in the plan too. In fact, you know what I want to do? Remodel a small country. No seriously. Find big-time financiers, find some way of creating a usable export and educating the natives on how to manufacture it, and then selling them (the exports) and helping to revolutionize a small country, making it an example for other investors. Sure they need water and food and rudimentary things to survive, but what are they living for? What are they hoping for, what can they pass on to their children?

I don’t find my calling to be on the mission field, mind you, but to some mission trips, and to use the skills, gifts, talents and resources God gives us to change the world. Ah, how many people talk about changing the world. How few of them try.

I told you before I want to burn up my life brightly in the service of the King. There’s no reason why we can’t have fun and enjoy ourselves while doing that.

Do you think you help me have fun again? In many ways, I’ve forgotten how. How to have fun, how to laugh. If you meet me, then you’d never believe me, but I don’t really have fun or laugh on my own. I do things I enjoy, like exercising or writing or reading or cleaning. Is it fun? Not really.

Anyway…I hope that wedding gown of yours comes with a seat belt. It’s going to be one heaven of a ride.

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