Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

My Secret Identity

“Yeah, you and me we can ride on a star  
If you stay with me, girl,
We can rule the world   
Yeah, you and me we can light up the sky 
If you stay by my side,
we can rule the world.”
Take That 

Dear Darling,

It is time to tell you about my secret identity.

No, I don’t wear a uniform or a mask, or fight crime. But it is a double life, one outside of my two jobs, and one I seldom inform my co-workers. It’s a life that causes most people to wonder why I don’t pursue it full-time. It’s a life I could get well-paid to do full-time. And it’s only fair I tell you about it now.

No, I can’t tell you what it is. Silly…that would compromise the identity. Don’t worry, you’ll find out when you get here.

But it is political. And it does involve some pretty cool moonlighting. It means meeting important people at times, and flying around the country to appear at events, debates or conferences. It involves being on TV and radio programs, and in the newspapers.

It has been an incredible opportunity for the Lord to drop amazing circumstances into my life. It has also been an opportunity to see “important” people…how they live, work and act. Don’t get me wrong, I like putting on a suit and tie and being important for a little while. But I find living that kind of life full-time to be hollow and unsatisfying. Although I believe that my future echoes with a call of greater importance from on High, for now I make it my ambition to lead the quiet life of tending my own business and working with my hands.

Importance is a means to an end, dear, just as riches are. I can’t shake the feeling that both will be given to me some day, but not gifts to be cherished, hoarded or preserved, but gifts intended to be spent and spread, almost as quickly as possible.

A funnel carries with it an abundance, but is a channel, not a vessel. It cannot fulfill its purpose if it ceases to flow.

Are you equal to such a task? Would you mind if cameras were on you a lot, or if people wanted to interview you for being my bride? Would you like to learn how to speak to crowds, to use a new-found influence to help change lives? Would you be willing to be the gracious and gentle wife of someone suddenly become “important” and would you be stern enough to help me to resist the grasp of pride in that hour? Would you be willing to watch your man carry such a heavy yoke, bear him up as he grapples with right and wrong, and watch his hair turn gray from the stress of work? Would you be willing to lay those pleasures and burdens aside with dignity?

I think God is using these times and these experiences to train me for the future. If I’m right, He’s also training you.

Maybe one of us isn’t done training yet. Maybe it’s me. We both know there’s a reason He’s keeping us apart for now. And I know we both struggle with that sometimes. I think we’ll begin to wake up a little more as the time of our meeting draws closer.

If that’s true, then Darling, I’m right around the corner. Watch and wait for me. I’ll be there as soon as I can.

No matter what life brings us, I hope you can always see me as that hero…and that I can always be worthy of that role.

Love always,

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