Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

100: We’ve Only Just Begun

Dear Darling,

I’ve already written you nearly two hundred letters in the last four years. About seven months ago, a lovely young flower from the other side of the world lit an inspirational fire with her poetic beauty as she addressed her future husband, prompting me to begin documenting my letters for the rest of the world to see and be cheered.

Now I’ve arrived at the first of many penultimate milestones, to have published one hundred promises, anticipations, songs, things other guys won’t do, and descriptions of who I need you to be.

I’ve only just begun.

Life has been preparing us for each other since it began. I know it feels like the preparations should be done by now, and that we should be ready for our Lord to introduce us. Maybe we’re right around the corner from that. You know how clouds that have lingered the entire day suddenly break apart, or the sun reaches their edge and suddenly shines through? It may well be that our clouds are about to clear away.

I think there will still be days we each doubt that we’ve got it as good as we do. Isn’t that what lovers do? Feel so happy that “it must be a dream”? It’ll just keep getting better too…we’ll fall deeper and deeper in love, we’ll finally realize we get to spend our lives together, we’ll finally hit that wedding day, we’ll finally leave the crowd of family, friends and well-wishers and drive off into the sunset, and into our new lives together.

Stay strong, my darling beautiful bride. We’ll get there, and it will be worth it.

We’ve only just begun.

Love always,

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