Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

In Anticipation of…Driving

“What a day you had today
It took your smile away
I think we ought to get away
Let’s run away

Take me out under the sky
Counting diamonds all through the night
And the moon in the morning light
Out under the sky

And it can happen any day
Everything goes astray
But the starts do us okay
Let’s run away…”

Dear Darling,

It’s getting hot early this year. I don’t care so much for the sweltering summer afternoons.

But aren’t summer nights amazing? I was driving home on one of them tonight. It seemed like every field I passed was a picture unto itself. Something about the golden sunlight repaints the landscape for us, the same way snow or fog does. It’s a comfortable kind of warm, even drowsy; passed the peak of midday heat, drifting into the edge of evening.

Nights like these were meant for more. They were built for you and me to go driving — for putting on happy, upbeat songs and rolling the windows down. For you to kick off your shoes, maybe even hang your pretty little painted toes out the window if you’re into that. They were made to put the sun roof back and let the wind play havoc with your hair.

They were made for warm, gentle love songs as the sun sets and the stars slowly come out to shine.

I can’t wait to spend these evenings with you. I can’t wait to take you down all the country roads I know…the back roads where few people drive, past rolling farms and pastures, down by old churches and towering trees. by gentle streams where the deer come out to graze. I can’t wait to take you down by the river, to explore new byways even I haven’t traveled yet.

I like driving together. It makes us each other’s captive audience, where we can watch the passing scenery, and either relax and be content to just be, or to talk about the deepest of subjects. I so look forward to the times when we actually can find our own places to go alone, to get out and walk together, to go camping and stargazing, or have a private picnic and watch the sun set, to relax and unwind and hold each other under the moonlight…..to make all the songs come true.

We’ve got a lot of driving ahead of us. Vacations. Business trips. Visiting relatives. Quick jaunts down to disaster-stricken areas. (Oh yes, I’ve often thought it would be awesome to coordinate a posse of volunteer workers, with dump trucks, bulldozers and other construction equipment that can just roll into a town and start cleaning up like nobody’s business when tornadoes or other natural disasters ravage whole cities.)

I have to warn you, I’m not so good on long car trips. I get restless and have to stop and stretch my legs. I’m not keen on the idea of big long coast-to-coast roadtrips. But if you’re with me, I daresay it will be almost tolerable. We can go out to Yellowstone and hike through the back country taking pictures and spotting wildlife. We can drive up the coast and see the legendary cliffs and lighthouses of New England. We can cruise down to Florida and smell the sweet perfumed air of orange blossoms. (Oh Darling, have you ever smelled that in early spring? I have. One whiff is pure, dizzying paradise.) We can drive all the way across the flat plains of Kansas and the deserts of Nevada and explore California together. We could drive through the wilds of Oregon and visit rainy Seattle. I’ve always wanted to drive that legendary Pacific Coastal Highway.

I could do all those things now you know. I mean, as time permits, I could pull those kinds of vacations as some kind of home-boy road trip. My gosh, I could do almost anything I’ve written about for the past seven months by myself if I wanted! The moments I describe are just my foolish, prosaic descriptions of the same ordinary, every day moments any one of us could pursue independently if we wanted.

The only thing missing is you.

What’s it worth alone? We’ve got a whole life to start on, and I can’t even find the starting line.

Ah, well now, don’t fret. We’ll get there, you and me. We’re storing up all these memories to cut loose when we do. We’re just waiting to be amazing, even in the mundane. In the meantime, hang in there and keep smiling. If loneliness hurts you as bad as it hurts me, maybe it’s just best not to let them all know.

I love you, and always will.


“When all is said and done
Darlin’ we are the only ones
There’s only you and I
Out under the sky.”

May 27, 2012 - Posted by | Anticipation, Nights Like These, Songs

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  1. […] I’m thinking about how fast our relationship could bloom. I can be a quick mover when I want to be. Back when I bought a car, I looked and looked while saving money. For months I searched. When I found the one I wanted, I took a day to have it looked at, do the background checks and proper vetting — and then dropped cash on the spot and drove it home. Just like that. I don’t get hung up on possessions, but a car (truck, really) is a valuable part of a man’s identity and I’m grateful for it. I think you’d be proud of it. It’s safe, reliable, dependable and there’s lots of room for our kids. It even has the sun roof. […]

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