Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

In Anticipation of…Rings

Dear Darling,

I’ve never worn much jewelry. Men are into that sort of thing nowadays, aren’t they. It’s the “metrosexual” thing. A silver bracelet, or a cross necklace, maybe a bead or charm band or a ring of some sort?

I’ve never done any of that. You know me well enough by now to know there’s more retro than metro to my sexual.

That’s why wearing a ring is just another facet of this alien experience called love. I know one of these days you’re going to pick out a golden band to put on my finger, something that I’ll wear forever. It will become part of my life, my DNA. It will clink against water glasses I sip from, channel the winter’s chill, reflect an afternoon sunset. It will be just a small taste of you I carry forever bound around my finger.

I hope I don’t wind up fidgeting with it, at least not in such a way that I remove it or dishonor it. I’ll have that little gold circlet as an emblem of your love until I die. And beyond. I may not be able to take it to heaven with me, but they can bury me in it. Unless you remain and wish to keep it, in which case you may by all means do so.

And I’ll buy you a ring. Here’s something you may not yet know about me Darling, but I used to work at a jewelry counter. Oh yes, with precious, valuable and fine diamonds, pearls and rings of every kind! I held up rings to a loupe to examine the sparkle, cut and clarity, though I was by no means an estimator of value. Many of the rings were overpriced, and many were set at a decent price and still beyond my means. But one of these days, I’ll pick out one of those priceless (and yet, all too-priced) rings for you — though gladly — as a symbol of our unity.

Will you like the traditional gold and diamond? Would you prefer something different and unique? I hope you have some in mind Darling, because how will I ever pick among the choices offered? I suspect you will be happy to give me hints as the doubt gives way to clarity. I’ll do my best to honor you with my choice, and I’m sure you’ll pretend to love it even if you don’t. Maybe you’ll like it just because of what it represents. Anyway, it won’t be a cheap ring, and it won’t be anything to make you ashamed to show your family and friends. I’m sure it will hear its fair share of cooing and squealing.

Oh, but there’s two rings, aren’t there? The engagement ring is the fancy one, and the wedding ring is of plainer gold? And this carried gingerly on a pillow by a flower girl down the aisle.

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

Does it sound archaic to you? I’m quite fond of archaic, you know. “The old that is strong does not whither, deep roots are not reached by the frost.”

What powerful symbolism and imagery these rings are…adornments of significance, almost as if we brand one another and claim each other as our own.

I don’t mind wearing your brand in the least, and I rather prefer to be called your own, if I in turn may call you mine.

Until then, I remain

Forever yours,

June 13, 2012 - Posted by | Anticipation, Our Wedding

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