Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

To She Who Never Called Back, Pt. 2

To She Who Never Called Back:

Madam, you saw me pulling into the parking lot this evening. Not only did you recognize me, but you grinned broadly and waved.

I hope it goes without saying that your action left me perplexed. Were you simply being kind? Did you forget my face, and in the rapid shuffle of your mind, automatically smile and wave, assuming they were the safest and most appropriate response, only to remember who I was and kick yourself for waving once you were out of sight?

Have you been hoping to see me because you stopped seeing the man you were dating and wished to find me again?  Did someone tell you that a man who approached you again, a year after you left off phone conversations must surely be a man worth finding? Did you, perhaps, find me more appealing since last we met? After all, I have cut my hair shorter (a change everyone approves of), purchased a new car, lost weight and bulked up. Are these changes you could discern during a split-second intersection of cars? Are you so shallow that such changes would sway your mind?

Or do I, perhaps, make too much out of a singular incident?

Well, you mustn’t blame me. I had assumed the sentence, paragraph, chapter and book were all closed on the matter and shelved. To find even an illusion of life in that book is mildly startling.

Don’t worry. I frequent that store and that parking lot quite often. If you’ve more to say to me, I’m sure you will catch up with me eventually.

July 14, 2012 - Posted by | Other Letters

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