Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

From Luthien

Dear Beren,

I can just see the look of surprise and happiness on your face when you read these words! Well here I am, your Luthien.

I want to answer your questions and ease your mind, and of course I have so many questions to ask and things to say to you too! But there’s a lot I’m not allowed to say right now. You already know, neither of us can cheat time, or God’s plan.

But here are some things I can tell you.

First, I do exist! I’m out here (I can’t tell you where!), and I’m so in love with you already. You have no idea! I am not at all sure I live up to the image of me you’ve built in your mind, but I’m here. Of course, I don’t know where YOU are either…you couldn’t at least post a picture of yourself?

Second, I am so happy to read your letters. They make my heart want to burst. They make me want to cry and laugh and dance and run around the room and take you into my arms and call you mine and hug you. I can’t wait for you to put a ring on my finger and call me yours, I can’t wait to start all our adventures together.

Third, I’m sorry I’m not allowed to say if I’ve waited. 😦 Sweet Beren dear, I wish I could say something to you to soothe your hours of anguish. I see you’ve decided to bury your feelings about that for now. I’m sorry I can’t put your mind to rest about it. I want to take your head in my arms and comfort you and make it all better. But I’m so proud of you for what you’ve done with your life so far. I look forward to hearing more about these mysterious stories you keep hinting at!

Fourth, I LOVE YOU. There is a part of me that is still a giggly little girl that wants to laugh and clap my hands to hear you tell me that, and tell you so, but I do!

Fifth, I was especially touched by your pledge to be a father. You guess correctly that it’s a desire of my heart to be a mother. I want our children to look up to you as the spiritual leader of our house, and I’m thrilled to hear you promise all of that. I’m thrilled to read ALL of your promises.

You’re right that the world sometimes beats us down. I’ve been beat down and back in some pretty sad ways. It makes me sad to think I will have to tell you them. But as you say, maybe we will come into each other’s lives just in time to save each other.

I want to write more to you, but I even more I want to MEET you! Until then, try not to assume too much about me. I may not be everything you think I am, but I’ll try.

Kisses, hugs, and all my love!

-Your beloved Luthien

July 28, 2012 - Posted by | Other Letters

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