Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

Arrogance: The Audacity of Aspiration


People speak it of me as often as I caution you and guard against myself.

Who am I to sit here behind a keyboard, plucking the sappy strings of romance, aspiring to anything higher than anyone else?

Why should I dare ask you for a love that rivals the movies? To be vulnerable, to watch over me and encourage me, to make me feel again and lift me out of the depths of myself…to save herself for me?

Who am I to make solemn promises and anticipate a life of higher calling together? What fervent audacity drives me to write these letters and hope for some thunder-struck, unknown beauty to tiptoe in from beyond the veil and into my arms? Isn’t a common, everyday “good enough” love sufficient for me? Why should I to pledge something greater, why crave a love that rattles the stars, that turns heads, that rings through generations? What arrogance.

Darling! No wife of mine deserves anything less!

Why should everyone else settle for less than amazing? The whole world laments the loss of innocence, the death of greatness, but no one tries! No one does what it takes to obtain that greatness, to achieve something better than ordinary.

I reject the notion that common is all we need strive for. I have chosen to live my life like nobody else, so that I can live life like nobody else.

In short, I chose (and was chosen) to be amazing. Is it so bold to seek a woman equal to the task?

Yet Darling, you know the things I have written of. You know I have walked where few others have. You know I strive every day with a calling that soars and strangles me, sometimes both in a day. Is it so brazen to ask of you to share this calling?

I will not settle, nor apologize, nor compromise. I will not surrender to fear that I will not find you, or give in to temptation, or assent to mediocrity.

Life and love were meant to be lived abundantly. I reject base commonality and choose to strive for greatness. And yes, I dare to hope and aspire to finding a woman capable of the same.

Darling, come join me and let’s be amazing together.

August 20, 2012 - Posted by | Uncategorized, Wonderfully You

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