Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

Autumn Is Coming

“Time. Only time, could never take me away from you
And why should it try? Time never cares just what we do
It just sits on a star and gazes down;
Dropping its moments all around,
And if I could wish upon that star,
I would find what you dream and then ask God to grant it.”

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Dear Darling,

There’s something to enjoy about every season. Especially the times in between, the times of transition when we leave the old one behind and move into a new season. It’s new but refreshingly familiar at the same time.

I think the changing seasons keep us from getting stale. Changes keep us on our toes; they make us appreciate the expected and unexpected, and to prepare and adjust even if we don’t like it. They teach us to measure our time and make the most of it because no season lasts forever.

Me? I like it. I like the times when the world reboots and reorients, rolling us over into a new three-month era; we’re caught in between and dragged along whether we’re prepared or not.

But I think if I had to pick a favorite season, it would be fall.

I look forward to this time of year for so many reasons. There’s so many different sights and sounds and smells to take in, so many fond memories triggered. I look forward to the nights that are first cool, then cold. I look forward to pulling long-sleeved shirts out of the back of the closet and sliding them off their hangers, the top button undone and the sleeves rolled up. And then one day, reaching further back for the jackets. I’m strange that way…there’s just something about wrapping a good jacket around me that I like. I also like those evenings when you turn the heat on for the first time. It doesn’t just smell like home, it smells like a warm and cozy home. It’s a pleasant, snug and inviting smell.

I look forward to the bright skies without a cloud in sight, and the stiff breezes that don’t freeze or scald, but rattle the timbers of the trees and bid the leaves to let go and sail to the ground, laying like plump fruits that have baked all summer in the sun and are now ripe for a crunchy harvest.

This time of year means so many things. It means pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and mulled cider. Phantom of the Opera music, auburn skylines and leather jackets. Yankee candles and football, and chilly nighttime walks. It means corn shocks and pumpkins and fresh harvest produce, smoky evenings and cold rains. Fresh air, windows open, the sweet smell of overripe fruit fermenting on the ground. It means clear blue skies, musky glades scented with a coating of wet leaves on the ground. It means crisp dewy mornings, when our breath floats in the air, and overcast afternoons to drive home in. It means those little snack-sized Halloween candies to take home and crumble into a bowl of ice cream. It means sleepy days and cozy nights with a woodstove, and ambient music playing during dinner.

I even like the intervals, the in-betweens when autumn is neither quite come nor quite gone. I like the beginning, when you start to notice the summer’s heat isn’t quite as intense, nor the humidity quite so oppressive. The swimming pool isn’t quite so refreshing, the sweat comes not so readily, and the parked cars aren’t quite as unbearable. I like it when the tips of the trees are just beginning to tinge gold, the warm-up for their rhapsody in red.

I like when fall is in full force, when the clocks roll back and it’s suddenly darker by late afternoon or early evening. I like the rains and the foliage set on fire by the waning sun, as the sands of the year’s hourglass dwindle.

I like when fall itself is nearly spent, when the ground freezes and frost arrives to escort us into winter. I like the early Christmas shopping, the first few flurries, and Thanksgiving.

I like it all.

It’s not here yet, but it’s coming. Maybe it will be the season where I finally meet you. Maybe we’ll begin falling in love by Christmas. Maybe we can watch the parades together. Maybe we’ll get to spend New Years with each other.

Every season carries with it promises both old and new. It reminds us what change is and why we need it. It reminds us what lasts and what doesn’t, and what’s required to do so. It makes us remember, change, adapt. It makes us endure.

Whatever seasons lie behind us or before us…whatever feelings come or go, whatever hard times await us down the road, Darling…I know that I was meant to face them with you. I know that in facing them together, we’ll be stronger together than we could ever be apart. And I know that until then, I will always be missing you and looking for you and waiting for you.

I will always love you and miss you, and I will always be your knight waiting for you to come home.

Yours forever,

September 8, 2012 - Posted by | Sundry Thoughts


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