Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

So Much To Do

Dear Darling,

I miss not having you here right now.¬†Once we start spending time together, I’ve got this great feeling it’s going to be like a dam giving way. I’ve said before, we have so much to catch up on, so much lost time to make up for. If you’re anything like me, when our time comes around, you’ll be ready to blow one last kiss to the lonely years and dive into the years of being together.

And not a moment too soon. There’s so much to do, and we’re missing out!

For example, I recently obtained free tickets to the horse races this fall. I don’t see gambling as a frugal use of resources, but it’s a great excuse to dress up and congregate in the stands and see the manicured grounds on a sunny day.

There’s a lot of fall festivals around. There are 5K’s and marathons to prepare for. There’s stage plays like Wicked or Phantom of the Opera. There was plenty of good movies this summer, and there’s always old movies playing on TV.

There’s fall picnics we could go on…we could make deli sandwiches, or grab a bucket of fried chicken and go to the park. We could go paddle-boating on the lake, or go down to the village and feed the ducks. I just found out there’s a live jazz concert coming up I’d love to take you to. (I love live jazz.)

Let’s go to the orchard and pick apples, or navigate a corn maze. Let’s grab our cameras and capture a frosty autumn morning where the creeks are steaming and the chilly sunlight filters through the haze. Let’s not grab dinner…let’s grab breakfast. I know the perfect little spot to try, and if not, I know the best pancake places. Let’s get up and go somewhere to watch the sun rise, if we’re not both too tired of getting up early.

Let’s try dancing. I’ve always waited for the right partner, since to me dancing is an intimate and romantic thing, not to be shared or enjoyed lightly with a stranger, or even a friend.

Let’s go to antique malls, flea markets, yard sales, fruit stands.

Let’s plan a day trip to the zoo, or the caves, or the settlement. Let’s eat dinner on the restaurant down by the river, or go ice skating, or check out the observatory. Let’s go to the falls, or the capitol grounds, or the wildlife preserve. Let’s go to football games, and basketball games and baseball games.

Let’s catch the parades and festivals and celebrations and fireworks. Let’s participate in them!

When the weather’s nice, we can go hiking, or head down to the national forest, or to one of a few drive-in theaters I know of. We can go bowling, and check out new and familiar foods at all the little hole-in-the-ground restaurants I’ve never felt like adventuring to alone.

I’d like to go with you to all the little downtowns I know of, the quaint little outlying hamlets with shops and diners. Let’s go to the plays and museums…let’s try the dinner train.

We can go check out the state fairs and rodeos. We can go whitewater rafting together, and wall-climbing.

I once had this idea that I should write down my date ideas so I would never lack one after I found you. I think I distrusted myself too much. I’m always spotting new ideas and laying new plans…but shelving them until you arrive. There they’ll lay, love, because they weren’t meant for just one.

There’s lots of things I wouldn’t do on my own. I think we’re all like that. Oh sure, I’ve gone to movies alone, but it’s just not the same without someone beside you. I can’t say it was riotous fun. When you have someone else’s needs to look out for, somehow it’s better. I don’t even put the same effort into the meals I prepare for myself as I would if you were here. I’m far easier to please. I think we all require someone to be better for.

So until then love, I’ll be waiting.

Love always,


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