Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

#24: We’ll Get There

Dear Darling,

I am sure the years stretch and dwindle on for you as much as me. It’s taking forever to find each other, and our friends, whether virtuous or not, seem to find their bliss and reward far earlier than you and I.

Hear my words carefully, my darling bride:¬†We’re going to get there.

I promise. I promise we’ll get where we both want to be. It may take a while. It may not be the storybook beginning. It may not be easy, simple or fanciful in the end. But sooner or later, somehow, some way, I promise I’ll find you. I promise we’ll find each other. I promise our day will come.

We’ll find bliss at last. We’ll weep alone no more. We’ll have a reason to be grateful every day of our lives, and in leaning on each other, even the most bitter of moments will be sweeter.

Darling, I’ll be everything I know how to be for you. I’ll be your husband and a father. I’ll be a brother-in-law and son-in-law. I’ll be your lover and protector. I’ll sing to you, and serve you, and surprise you. I’ll care for you and hug you and comfort you. I’ll heal you, make you laugh, make you cry. I’ll beam with pride when you stand there in the bedroom door, looking so fine and ready for a night out. I’ll be your leader and your punching bag, your sounding board and your listener. I’ll be your fix-it guy, your great romancer and your provider. I’ll be your man. I’ll love you.

My beautiful bride, we serve the One who sees all ends. His plan is wonderful, his timing is perfect. If we say we trust Him, then we must trust Him. Even when it’s hard, even when it’s frustrating and sorrowful, and the nights of loneliness erode your heart and consume your soul. I don’t understand it all, but I know that God is there in the silence and the vacuum, and His plan is present even when we feel friendless, abandoned and alone.

Cling to these promises, Luthien. Bind them around your heart. Cling to God’s word, cry out to Him in these moments. Your soul is never alone, even if your body is. Hold tight to our Savior. Trust Him.

Our day will come. It will. One day you’ll round the curve and I’ll be there waiting for you. (Bring a tissue, those aren’t raindrops on my cheeks.)

Until then, always remember I love you. I’m praying for you. And I’m waiting for you with all my heart.

I promise.

Love always,

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