Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

Beren’s Prayer



Countless to me are the days and times which I have come before you speaking of my Unknown Bride in the last sixteen years. Surely the times are recorded in the books of heaven, and you know I have prayed for her, about her, and that you would guide me to her.

But now, by Your leave, I come to you to ask on behalf of my future wife’s future groom.

He thinks he’s ready, but in so many ways he isn’t. Maybe no one ever is.

But for her sake Father, I ask that you would refine him into the man You want him to be. Purge the mean, meager qualities that would bring shame to her or to the kingdom. Remove the old habits, the snares and traps of emotion that lie in wait. Teach him to empty him of himself, and be filled with your will and your love.

Make him into a man of quality in every way. Polish him and refine him not until he glows, but until he shines with the reflection of Your glory.

Give him forgiveness and fairness and healing, understanding and unconditional love. Teach him to love her as you love your church, because he is a man and unable to do it in his own strength.

Guard him in his weakness. Guide him in his strength. Equip him to be the leader you’ve commanded him to be, gentle and humble. Teach him to listen, to bear her up and serve her.

Prepare him in ways he can’t even begin to see. Break him even though it hurts, mold him even through his pain.

Grant to him the knowledge to know what is right, and the courage to do what is right.

Grant the wisdom to lead his bride in the way of Christ. Give him the grace to love her as you love us, selflessly and sacrificially.

Teach him patience to be a better father. Teach him submission, that he will accept the dark days along with the good.

Bless him in his endeavors, that he may provide a good life for his family and care for the poor and needy. Give him skill in his work, and favor with his colleagues, that those who see him know that he is favored by God.

Give him discernment to find her, bravery to approach her, and the grace to accept her as she is rather than what he hopes her to be.

Make him her servant Lord, and yours.

Bless our marriage even though it is yet to be. I ask your blessing on our families, that we would be free of dysfunction and disagreements common to families. Grant that there be peace among them, and that we might all dwell in harmony among them. Teach us to pray together always, and to remember our past and Your future.

And finally Father, when you join her hand in his…what we have not, give us, what we know not, teach us and what we are not, make us. For the sake of Your Son, in whose name I make and seal this prayer to your keeping.


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