Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

On the Verge And Crossing Over

Dear Darling,

It’s like a roller coaster, or a flume ride, or a curtain of rain. Feared, anticipated and drawing inescapably closer, until finally you cross that threshold, and the new year has taken hold. Humans can neither slow nor speed time, and when it dwindles to the measure of a day, an hour or a minute, we want it to be special, though we’re not entirely sure how.

In tonight’s case, most of your really good, proper new years activities require a date, and as you may have noticed, you weren’t there. I can’t say I hope you found a date for tonight, or that you are the sort that takes such things so lightly as to scrounge for any old date merely to have an arm to hang off of. I hope that you are saving such momentous occasions for someone who’s taken time to be worthy of them, and that you savor even their absence so that their arrival will be sweeter. But I hope you found pleasant ways to make it passable.

Trusting that someday this night will be far more special (even if spent at home on the couch) I attended a small gathering, not even of my friends but of a friend’s friends. They’re becoming more accepting of me, but are still new believers, most of them, and the sort that doesn’t quite understand why I would avoid alcohol or inappropriate movies or profanity. Which is alright — some of these are finer points of the faith that come with time. I also find myself on guard, to be careful not to beĀ too nice and send unintended signals to any souls eager to interpret kindness as interest. (Of some discomfiture was an unshakable feeling that I was being hit on by one of the fellows at the gathering.)

They all had their glasses of champagne, and afterward wanted to huddle around and write all their hopes for the new year to share. It’s not uncommon for me to be considered withdrawn or a stick in the mud, but these acquaintances held no claim on my aspirations and hopes and dreams for the future.

What would I like to do this year? Run a triathlon. Grow deeper in God’s word. Lay more money by. Become more fit and strong. Ride in a hot air balloon. Travel overseas. Read more. Swim more.

Find you.

Somewhere between Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald, I hope you found some heart’s rest this night. Here is a hopeful night anthem which may soothe your nerves.

Prayers and kisses to christen this new year.


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Consecrating the New Year

The Vigil exhibited 1884 by John Pettie 1839-1893Dearest,

What do the Bible, a pistol, a match, a pen, a stethoscope, a phone and a handful of salt have in common? Each of these seven items represents what my life has been, what it will be, and what I hope it will be. And as I knelt by the bed, a candlelit prayer to consecrate this year to the Almighty, I spread each of these out to remind me.

The Bible: that the word and will of God would be ever before me in all that I do. I have been less than diligent as a warrior in the service of the King to read and apply it to my life. This new year must be different.

A pistol: that I may always be prepared to defend that which is holy, pure and precious, a modern day knight’s sword with which to protect and defend, and that I may never need draw or use it, and if I did that God would be with each involved.

A match: that I may be light and heat to all that are brought across my path. A match burns for but a short time before being extinguished. Our lives are the same, although we realize too late how fleeting is our time on earth. In that span, we may spread that flame to others, or for a moment brighten an entire room. I would that my life would burn, be consumed if necessary, to furnish sufficient light to illumine the Cross. I pray that I may bring someone to the kingdom this year, and maybe many someones.

A pen: that my words may continue to be used to spread truth, and that God may bless them with love and mercy, qualities which I admit are often lacking in my determination to stand for truth. God has given me a gift of eloquence at times, and the opportunity to be compensated.

A stethoscope: that God would continue to bless my career in medicine, to grow in knowledge and skill to be a safe and proficient healer, and to listen to the voices and hearts of others when they turn to me for help.

A phone: that I may be a friend and brother to all who need me, to seek knowledge…and to stop using it so much when it’s unnecessary.

Salt: to be a flavor and a savor in my conversation; to season it with wisdom from above, and to preserve.

My dear, and all who come hereafter to read these words, take courage and hope for this new year. All things are in the Father’s hands, and even that which seems ill can redound to carry out His greater plan. I greatly encourage you to think of the things which characterize your life, past, present and what you hope it to be. Remember them. Lay them out before God and thank Him for His blessings in those areas, ask His blessing and guidance in those areas in times yet to come.

My darling, I wish you a brave, joyous and prosperous new year. May this year be the year all your wishes come true, and may you and I, whether apart or together, strive to better ourselves to serve the Lord, each other and others.

Love always,

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