Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride


Dear Darling,

It’s the winter that won’t quit, but I don’t mind. When seasons change slowly, we don’t appreciate the differences. This year, we have spring one day and winter the next. Last night I walked outside. Tonight there’s snow again. Several days past, I was running on the old highway in shorts, and the day after it was bitterly cold again. Ah, but again, I don’t mind. I have faith in spring.

For now, I’m warm and content to be bedded down by the fire tonight.

I am leaving my post at the megachurch at last my dear, pursuing a true church and the preaching of the word. For a short time, I’m accompanying Alegfast, his nonromantic girlfriend Gladhbrui and Loswen to visit some area houses of worship. This morning was small, sparse and aging, with an eager population repeatedly encouraging us to do what I knew we would almost certainly not do — return. I also find it more challenging to focus on God and knowingly worship Him through music if I’m constantly taking in the new customs, faces and surroundings.

It would be nice if you’d have been around to call. I have a lot of free time this week, with no plans on how to spend it other than work. It would have been so nice to phone you to catch up, or for you to come over and spend time. (Time, not the night.)

There are other thoughts bidding to be in print, but they are too fragmented yet to air.

I hope you’re well tonight, love.


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