Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

Left Turns

Dear Darling,

It’s one in the morning. I came to the end of the driveway again, and once again, I turned left. This time, I went down to the river. There’s an old restaurant down there, not far from the water’s edge. I ate there once, but the memory is dim and the place has long since been abandoned. It’s a bright moon, and nearly a full one tonight, and I thought maybe I could sit by the water’s edge. It wasn’t quite what I expected. I couldn’t go down to the water’s edge, the brush was too grown up. But nestled within those branches were hundreds of fireflies, sparkling as if fairy-dust was twinkling in the thickets. There were no sounds of the river, except the occasional splash of some creature beyond the underbrush on the opposite edge.

It was illuminated by a street light, which cast a pallid amber glow over the scene. It was a wide pull-off, and quite one-sided since the other side of the road was a sheer rock wall of a few hundred feet. (There are caves in those walls, but no one knows what’s in them, they’re all fenced off, and unlikely to harbor any adventures.)

There’s a gazebo there, and many benches. It’s untended and unkempt. There’s a great oak, and wrought-iron gateways in the middle of the clearing, not unlike a cemetery, but leading to nowhere.

I drove on for a ways, but that’s the lowest point in the road, nowhere else could I find a quiet clearing by the river side. On the bridge, I at least glimpsed the moonlight palisades before heading on home.

Why did I go? Well first because I wanted to find some peace and solitude. In that, I did not succeed. Second, I wanted to have something to tell you about tonight. And third, I like “left turns” — serendipitous decisions made for their own sake. They’re just placeholder excursions until you get here.

We’ve got a lot of our own Left Turns to make one day, and as I sit here tonight I’m trying very hard to think of who you might be and how you might contrive to enjoy them. What happens if we have three or four days free, and nothing to do but enjoy each other’s company? We need to choose a location as our Left Turn getaway…a place far from the world and its troubles, our own hidden cove and secret getaway. There’s something exciting and invigorating about a full tank of gas, a free few days and the prospect of an escape for its own sake. I’d be given to them quite often, although these little late-night side trips accomplish no purpose and I have no mind to let anyone else know I take them.

I found and saved an inexpensive lakeside cabin I found the other day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find a cabin alone in the woods together? To take walks, hikes, pictures? To plot our retreat where time stands still, to make history and dreams come true, claiming the reward for which each has toiled in patience so long; to do nothing but sit on a front porch in a misty wood and watch the sun set, and watch the fireflies come out while we perfect our art of kissing; softly sharing secrets, reading, getting cheeky and naughty with each other; finding some empty pool or lake, swimming together in the dark with naught but what we were born in; making love under the stars.

Maybe we can hop a flight and find a beach house somewhere away from people.

We have a lot of left-turns to plan, and a fair share of them that I’ll randomly and enthusiastically propose. I hope you’re open to some daring serendipity in the future, because if nights like tonight are any indication, we have some fun excursions in our future!

Love always,

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