Letters to Luthien

Letters to My Future Bride

I’ll Find You

31. Alciati, Antonio Ambrogio -  Il Convegno, 1918

Dear Darling,

Nothing fills me with more sadness than to know I am not by your side, nor can enjoy your company as anything more than a gleam of desire; nothing fills me with greater hope than to know our time of fulfillment is yet to come. These days, our days, are fleeting and precious, and we each feel each other’s absence.

There are times where it seems all the doors are closed and the Lord is silent even to your requests for guidance. Then there are times when all the doors blow open at once, yet still you are uncertain which to pass through.

But Time and Time’s Master have bidden me wait for you, sight unseen. And so wait I must, here at this chamber where all doors seem closed, wisdom is short and counsel scarce. But on your behalf, I wait. On your behalf, I make every effort to learn and earn and become a better version of your future groom.

And on your behalf, I want you to know now, there is no barrier of time or space I won’t hazard, no bond of distance I won’t traverse, no gatekeeper I won’t challenge, no boundary of human design that I will not confront to find my way to your side. Our meeting is inevitable; I will find you.

Reach out again across the night sky, my love. Send your kisses heavenward and have them forwarded, and know that somewhere, your pensive warrior awaits the word to burst forth and set about breaking the spell that keeps us apart.


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#2: I promise…Flowers

Flowers. Not every day, but any day.

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#1: I promise…Love

I promise to love you for as long as God gives me breath to breathe and blood in my veins. Always.

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